10 Ways To Help Brush Off A Bad Day 

Sometimes a day in the life of you doesn’t go to plan, often several times in a day. I know I’ve had days where I’ve woken up late, broken my mug, forgot my works door pass, received a bad email and then it starts to rain and you haven’t got an umbrella but you do have a 20-minute walk to your next visit that’s not on a bus route. All together you just want to head home, get back into bed and write the day off. These are all small issues on their own but cumulatively they can really take their toll on your mood. 

It can be very easy to get into a really bad mood and wallow in self pity. Part of you doesn’t even want to be happy in that moment, you just switch into victim mode and decide your going to be miserable. The problem with this is that we aren’t helping ourselves or anyone else. 

Changing your mind-set in that moment can be a near impossible task, as sometimes you don’t even want to, but I wanted to look at some little things you can do in that moment to help brush off that bad day and boost your mood. 

1: Friends that makes you smile 

We all have friends whose positive energy just oozes out of them. It doesn’t matter if you call them feeling glum they will be unaffected by your energy and still be all smiles on the other end of the phone. Maybe this is an old friend who you can call, meet for a catch up over a glass of wine, reminisce about the old times and just feel that comfort of talking to someone you know so well. See Blog.

2: Eat your favourite food 

Comfort eating on a regular basis is not a great thing so I’m not suggesting that eating a whole packet of Jaffa cakes, followed by a can of Dr Pepper and six donuts is going to make you feel better because it wont, it will make you feel a lot worse. What I am suggesting is eating that meal that you love. For me that’s my Dads chicken fried rice recipe (although its never quite the same when I make it) or a fish finger sandwich. 

3: Journal 

Writing out your day can be therapy in itself. Reading back what has happened can turn a mountain back to a molehill. It also helps you to process and reflect on your day in a more productive way that sitting there with a down turned smile imagining how awful it has all been. See Blog.

4: Mindfulness and meditation 

Resting your mind from all your circular negative thoughts is necessary. Whether this be 10-30 minutes of meditation or using an adult colouring book to calm your mind. Very quickly our thoughts escalate and our self talk can become really negative. Back to that initial email saying we missed a deadline can escalate in your mind to the possibility of losing your job, home and all hope. Stopping our mind from over thinking, or even thinking, will help no end.  See Blog.

5: Dance 

Put your favourite tune on full blast and dance around the room like no-body is watching. I know this might sound ridiculous but I challenge anyone to still be I in a bad mood after filling a room with a Five mega mix singing “Five bad boys with the power to rock you” whilst doing all the moves. It just wont happen! Your music choice may (probably will be) a different choice to mine but it works! I promise you! 

6: Pamper yourself 

Put on a face mask, paint your nails or get a massage. For me running myself a bath with an aromatherapy oil is the best thing I can do. Relaxing into a hot hath and breathing in the relaxing smell of lavender and chamomile whilst nourishing my skin with oil is mindfulness in itself. 

7: Laugh 

This can be achieved by meeting up with friends that makes you laugh or putting on a comedy DVD. I’m sure it will come as no surprise that laughing makes you happy as you have to ‘be’ happy to even do it in the first place. 

8: Do something you love 

I love making candles with an audiobook on in the background. There’s noting that makes me happier than creating a wax masterpiece with a cup of tea. For others this may be reading a book, listening to music, watching sport a film or box set, photography or cooking. Whatever if is that if you do it you feel happy then do it. See Blog

9: Exercise 

Exercising three times a week is proven to have the same therapeutic effect on your mood as taking a daily anti-depressant. It releases endorphins that boosts your mood so when you’ve had a bad day go and do a yoga class or go for a run. It may not be what you feel like doing at that time but you will feel better for it afterwards. 

10: Talk to someone you love 

I’ve left this until last but I think this is the most important of them all. It doesn’t mean you need to call them and vent off about your day if you don’t want to, it might be better to talk about their day than yours. Even if this is just a text exchange talking to somebody who unconditionally loves you helps put your bad day into perspective, feel happier and loved. Something that might sound a bit hippy but feeling loved is extremely important so on those bad days draw from those important people in your life. 


I think each of these ten are blog topics in themselves, some I have written about before and others I may chose to go into more depth with in the future. 

Obviously choosing which of these to do are dependant on how bad your day has been but even just doing one of these can help you can help you feel happier in the short term and help you forget about your soggy wet shoes and broken mug. 

Until next week, 

Laura xxx


12 thoughts on “10 Ways To Help Brush Off A Bad Day 

  1. Deryn Macey says:

    Love it, thanks for sharing these! I think letting go is so important and I’ve definitely gotten better at it as I’ve gotten older…and letting go is easier when you use all these tips for bringing the fun and laughter back!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. postelled says:

    Absolutely agree with all your tips. I find that it helps me to journal and go for a walk. Being in nature always helps me redirect my thoughts. Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dyana @adebtfreejourney says:

    I admit I am quick to wallow in self-pity when things do not go as planned! Unknowingly, when I talk to friends and laugh about things then the dark cloud starts to disappear.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Anne says:

    Great suggestions. Running has started to get rid of my stress head but you can’t beat a good dance and sing session round the kitchen! If anyone comes in they can join in and before you know it that , negative comments change and laughter ensues. May have a go tonight!

    Liked by 1 person

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