Blogger Recognition Award

Last month I received the blogging recognition award! I think when I received it I must have sent the link to everybody I love. I was so excited that somebody would have read what I had written and thought that my work was worth recognizing.

Thank you Malalai Sana of for my nomination. Malalai specializing in writing blogs that help new bloggers to get their blogs going with really useful hints and tips. You can tell that his work is very well researched and I have learnt something from every single one of his blogs.


What is Blogging Recognition Award?

Although this isn’t an actual award it’s a way of recognizing and promoting blogs that you love and have inspired you. It’s a fun thing to do between bloggers. Every blogger who is nominated must pass this award to 15 other bloggers. These are a few rules to follow when accepting this award.

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Write a blog post to show the award. 
  • Write a brief story how your blog started. 
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  • Select 15 bloggers to pass this award to. 
  • Comment on each nominated blogger to let them know that they are nominated and provide a link to this post. 


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How my blog started

Happiness is to me an interesting concept. I have always been intrigued to find that some people, who seem so blessed in what life has to offer, are unhappy with their lot, whereas others seem so elated by the little that they have.

Peoples outlook on life has a direct impact on how they deal with the curve balls it throws their way. Don’t misunderstand me, we will all have things happen to us that throw us completely off course and we must give ourselves time to be sad, to grieve and to deal with what we have been faced with, but it’s how we get back up that makes us. Unfortunately, in both my professional and personal life, I often come across people who just aren’t happy with the life they currently have, even before the major life event hits, making them feel sad and unfulfilled. I truly believe that whatever we are going through, we can all make small positive steps in the right direction.

This is the reason I decided to start my blog. My aim is for it to be a light-hearted look into different methods, changes, little tweaks or other general stuff that you can implement in your life to make it happier and more positive. I’m no self-development guru and this as much my own self-development journey, so it’s not impractical or patronising advice.

One of the tasks I set myself is to review those things people tell you to do that will ‘change your life’, as I’m skeptical about many of them, and trial them over a four-week challenge giving my honest feedback as to what they were like to implement in my everyday life and their pros and cons. Of course, not all that I try or talk about will works for everybody, but hopefully there will be a few things that you can pick up from this and if I can achieve just that, then that’s pretty awesome, right?


Advice for bloggers

 Plan Plan Plan and then Re-Plan your Plan

Very quickly you can feel swamped, the next blog is due out tomorrow and you’ve got mind block. If you read my blog on daily planning it changed my life. I plan for the year, break that into quarters, months, weeks and days. I’ve got the subjects for all my blogs written out for the next year. This may sound organized on the verge of OCD but my nature to be disorganized is the reason this is a must.

Obviously your plan is subject to change i.e. if you get a super glorious inspirational idea that is set to change the world in a few paragraphs then I give you permission to change your plan!

Planning means you can see what you want to talk about in advance giving you time to research your subject matter and write a piece that you are proud of. Also factoring in time for thinking ahead of yourself for working with appropriate brands, taking the pictures and also planning your incredible life so you don’t become completely consumed with your next piece of work.


Ideas Journal

Currently I have 4 of these on the go and there is always one in my handbag. I also wrote a blog on ideas journals for this very reason. You never know when that inspirational idea will come to you, that quirky funny line or that idea that leads to and idea that leads to changing the world in a few sentences.

Carry one with you always and just start jotting down. There will be times when your ideas for new blogs dry up. When this happens look back and your little book of inspiration. If anybody else but me were to read my ideas journal it would read as the ramblings of a crazy lady but those ramblings mean something to me and only me.



Bloggers recognition award

  1. Jennifer Sharma

Jennifer this beauty and fashion blog is amazing. Your photography is amazing and your fashion style is inspiring. Along with your quirky quotes I love each and every one that comes out each week.

For any blogger looking at how to personalise their photography to make their theme personal to them then check out this blog for inspiration. I know that the photos coming up on Instagram are Jennifer’s even before seeing her name.


  1. Sabrina Chakici

This is a travel blog beyond a travel blog. The places this lovely lady gets to travel are beyond your wildest dreams. The photography is amazing and her honest accounts are the areas she travels to are an extremely insightful and enjoyable read. For anyone looking for inspiration for their travel bucket list then look right here.

Sabrina’s blog has been going for a few years now but has grown very quickly through a lot of work and determination on her part so for us newbie bloggers this is a great blog to see where your hard work could take you.


  1. Neel Reedy

Dr Pocket square is a men’s fashion blog with a twist. This man is in fact a doctor with such a unique and pristine funky gentlemanly fashion style that you could almost be forgiven for thinking that being a doctor was his past time.

The photography is amazing and his style inspiring. His blog is relatively new but keep an eye on this one as I think he could go very far.


  1. Chloe Schibeci

Chloe left home and went traveling for a good few years. Not only did she get on more flights than you’ve had hot dinners but she lived in different areas of the world for long periods of time so this is a travel blog that really interests me. For anyone looking to get a greater understanding of a particular area of the world and also understand the highs and lows of not really having a place to call home for a few years then this is a great blog to read.

Chloe hasn’t posted for a while now and I know she wants to start writing again I’m hoping that by posting this it might kick her up the bum a bit to do it as I miss her humorous wise words from across the pond.


  1. Timoty Proul

This is a spiritual blog which has inspired me. I personally believe strongly in energy and following your path in life. I love her blog on what chakras mean and I love the way this blog is written.


  1. Carmel Reeves

Living smart is becoming not only more popular but also a necessity now-a-days. Companies are there to make a profit and their advertising can make us believe that this is the only way to consume our products. This blog looks at smarter ways to consume our products and spend our money. Awesome blog.


  1. Jenna Lyons

Making candles and homemade beauty products is a past time which I will never get bored of and this blogger understands that even more than I do. She makes, creates, make and creates some more. Really inspirational and I love the theme your blog has as well. Makes me want to get back out my crafting kits.


  1. Suzy El-Shazly

I loved this blog when I read her piece on how to choses a mentor. Something which I feel is very important in life and her practice tips to do so really taught me something. Keep up the good work.


  1. Luana Dominique Cantuarias Sprinckmoller

This Miami based fashionista has a real eye for style. Her blog is bright and well written and her style is gorgeous. I loved her blog on broadway jewelry and summer dresses. The photography is incredible.


  1. Halima Bello Husseini

I loved Halimas blog of your toxic makeover. It really made me realize the amount of chemicals we are using every day. Her blogs are well written and researched as well as being a great read.


  1. Kalaw Sarah

This blogger loves her quotes, there are literally blogs just on quotes for different reasons. I personally love an inspirational quote and therefore I love this blog.


  1. Elizabeta Kuzevska

Although my background is as a nurse I do believe that drugs are not always the answer. I don’t agree with people preaching that you can give up your chemo in favor of a colonic but I do believe there is a place for alternative therapies and remedies.

This blog talks about different homemade remedies for conditions like acne and heart burn so offers an alternative to popping an unnecessary tablet. Interesting read.


  1. Chloe Day

This month I have gone vegan so in my desperation to find non-dairy alternitives I came across this blog and I do believe that this girl loves tea even more than me which is near impossible. Great blog.


  1. Laura Berry

This lady is an art inspiration. Her illistrations are incredible. Keep up the great work laura and we will be sure to see you in a gallery nearby soon.


  1. Kivia Stocco

Firstly I love the name of this blog. Very unique and catches your attention. Two friends that have started writing about their creative endevours as design students. Great read and the blog is designed really well. Keep up the good work.


Take a read of all of these blogs and let me know which ones you love the most.

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9 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award

  1. Shuang says:

    Congratulations! I love how organized you are. I am going to pen down all topics to be written in the next 3 months and hope I can keep it up as well.
    Thanks for all the advice!


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