4-Week-Challenge – Positive Post-It Notes

In my last blog I talked about the benefits I found from writing down my negative thoughts on paper and then throwing the paper away. It helped me identify why I felt a certain way and to re-evaluate my self talk during a time when I felt negatively about myself. From this experience I wondered if I could turn this very idea on its head and do the opposite! What if I covered my room, walls, mirrors, cupboards and computer with positive words, would this lead to a happier mood and more inspiration.

When I de-cluttered my room my life felt de-cluttered. My environment can have a positive or a negative effect on me so why not try and fill my space with positivity.


Sometimes we find it difficult to praise ourselves. Maybe it’s the British way or maybe its just the human way. We tend to find it easier to criticise ourselves rather than big ourselves up so I thought it was time to make a change.

For the first few days I started off with one note a day of which I changed but the ones I was using were more like ‘to-do list’ notes i.e. ‘you are super fit, go to the gym!’. The problem is that although I was stating this in a positive light, I was literally lecturing myself and so therefore had little effect on my mood.


I then switched it up and started writing positive statements like ‘Smile, it could change the world’ and ‘Today is going to be amazing’. I loved reading them in the morning and they definitely gave me a positive start to my day but then when I came to change them I found that I didn’t want to take it down so I just started writing more.

The great thing about post-it notes is that you can stick them anywhere, on my TV, lamp, pictures etc. Initially they were all positive statements but then they just turned to childish doodles. One day I left a note in my shoe saying ‘Cinderella would be jealous!’ I doubt I could ever imagine Cinderella in flat black espadrilles but this tongue in cheek note to myself definitely started my day with a chuckle.

The more notes I wrote the more my room started to look like an ideas board or the occupancy of someone revising for a really silly exam.


Even my housemate got involved leaving me a note on my kitchen cupboard in the morning! Loved it!

I found the energy in my room was positive and happy, the more entertaining the note the better. Even though my 4-week-challenge turned from positive post-it notes to childish banter with myself I’ve really enjoyed it. I might start leaving people silly notes more often, hopefully it will make their day too.


There’s no day that can’t be made a little better by starting it with a smile, even if it is endearingly laughing at yourself!


14 thoughts on “4-Week-Challenge – Positive Post-It Notes

  1. Mary says:

    Love it Laura … how true .
    Be proud and positive. Love yourself first because you are unique and Amazing !
    I’ve learnt to take compliments too …. you know when someone says ‘ You look good – loving the dress ‘ or “Great shoes ” (or similar ) – Before I would of said ” Oh this old thing or really ??
    Now I stand loud and proud and say ” Thankyou ”
    I follow with a positive comment like ” I love this dress too or ” What a lovely thing to say – you’ve made my day ! ” Because in return the person giving the compliment feels good as they have made you feel good – We continue the feel good cycle and we all feel good about ourselves 😀


  2. bohoandblush says:

    Loved this – our inner voice is so powerful and half the time we aren’t even aware of it?! In a world that can be so critical I think anything that encourages positive thoughts is great!


  3. Amber says:

    I love the idea of using post-it’s to write positive notes and affirmations to myself. I, agree, that it is a lot easier to be critical of ourselves instead of praising ourselves. I’m all for humility, but there should be time that we keep our thoughts and minds positive, which is most of the time.


  4. frandobagel says:

    What a wonderful way to add a bit of positivity.

    It maybe a British thing, my German partner has noted that I tend to be more then self deprecating.

    Possibly time to buy a stack of post it notes!


  5. R. Alexandria says:

    This makes me think of how Michael Jackson said that he put a note on the mirror saying that he wanted to be the world’s greatest entertainer. That positive affirmation really does work.


  6. Jackie Lynn says:

    I’ve been using post-it notes as an affirmative way to get things done. I write and post it in front of my bed, so it’s the first thing I see every morning I wake up. It definitely has been helping;)


  7. carinacyril says:

    I really enjoyed reading this post! Little acts of love for oneself is important. I’ve noticed that positive words and acts of kindness to people has a powerful effect on us!


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