Movie Guide to Feeling Good; Lost Love, Loneliness and Death….

I’m sure we have all been there watching films that have left us with snotty noses, jittery breathing, puffy eyes and blotchy faces. Also known as the ‘ugly cry’ but did you know that a good old ugly cry to a sad film can actually make us feel happier? 

Ohio State University conducted a piece of research which showed that watching a sad movie made you feel happier than a comedy. That logic may not make a lot of sense to a lot of you, and it didn’t to me at first, but when I’ve thought of times when something has happened to me and I’ve gone away and had a good cry I’ve actually felt much more able to deal with it afterwards. Obviously once I’ve reapplied my face but that release of emotions can sometimes be like a weight of your shoulders. 


I remember me and my friend Lizzie going to the cinema to watch ‘Me before you’. I think we lasted about 3.5 minutes into the film before the first tears began to show. 

We started by pretending we had something in our eyes only to end the film clinically dehydrated from the fluid loss running down out faces. We obviously finished that evening by replenishing our supplies with gin but our faces continued to look like we were recovering from an acid face peel.

I do remember feeling a sense of euphoria after that film and not knowing why but then this research may explain it. 


Researchers found that watching a tragedy helps to make to reflect on your own life and realise the positives within it. I think the vast majority of people that have watched ‘12 Years a Slave’ have come away realising that they’ve got it pretty good. 

So with this in mind I have compiled a list of my favourite 30 sad movies for you to indulge upon with a big box of tissues, glutinous snacks and good company! In no order or priority, watch them all! 

1: Beaches 

2: Sleepless in Seattle 

3: ET 

4: Pearl Harbour 

5: Brokeback Mountain 

6: My Girl 

7: One day 

8: I am Legend 

9: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl 

10: Missing you already 

11: City of Angels 

12: Titanic 

13: Remember Me 

14: Ghost 

15: Bambi 

16: My sisters Keeper 

17: Forest Gump 

18: Sense and Sensibility 

19: Marley and Me 

20: The Lion King 

21: 12 years a slave 

22: Les Miserables 

23: The Theory of everything 

24: Atonement 

25: Little Women 

26: Me before you 

27: The Pursuit of Happiness 

28: War horse 

29: The Notebook 

30: P.S I Love You


14 thoughts on “Movie Guide to Feeling Good; Lost Love, Loneliness and Death….

  1. Kasia Mikolajczak (@KasiaMikola) says:

    You know there’s something to what you wrote. I’ve been staying away from sad movies for a while now but now that I think of it it’s not such a bad thing. I always feel way better after a good cry. I must look for one of my faves to watch again. I loved City of Angels. And I cried like a baby the first time I saw The Notebook lol!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Michelle says:

    Such a great list. There are a few here I haven’t seen yet. I’m making a note to myself to watch them. i have to say though. The Notebook and Marley and Me get me right in the feels.
    Michelle/ Life of an Imperfect Mom

    Liked by 1 person

  3. BrB Adventures says:

    I like the beginning of your article and researches definitely explain many of our behaviours, sad movies make us realise how lucky we are compare to some movie characters, however I cannot agree that all sad movies can have positive influence on us. It really depends on how your life goes compare to the movie 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Abril - Paris & June says:

    Nice post! Great information. P.S. I love you was the first date with my now husband. I cried the entire show! Mascara running down my face, poofy eyes and all. I left thinking “wow this guy is never going to call me again. He probably thinks I am an emitional wreck”. Years later he told me he loved that about me. He loved that I could be completely honest about my emotions. He said “I could tell you had a big heart, the show only proved my suspicions”….lol! Still one of my favorite shows of all time!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Mary says:

    Laura – Beaches definitely – I am legend questionable ? Alien invasions are not for me .
    Try Dumbo, Disney film – there’s a song in that called baby of mine which is beautiful – Makes me think of you actually
    But what about Insirational films that triumph over adversity … like ‘Marvellous ‘ Film based on Stoke city legend Neil’ Nello’ Baldwin who has autism. Google it and watch – Brilliant and true x


  6. Anne says:

    Great list Laura, Truly Madly Deeply I would recommend… for a good old sob.. but definitely a film and a good cry is therapeutic I find! xx


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