Bringing ‘Dear Diary’ into the 21st century

I kept many diaries over my teenage years and reading back over them now only equates to a face-in-hands moment whereby you hope that peeking through the gaps between your fingers will safeguard you from its contents.

Dear Diary

‘I saw him again, standing by the spar with his m8s. He looked so hot in his matching Kappa tracksuit. I saw him looking at me as I got off the bus. I was wearing lipstick and I think he noticed!! My friends say he’s a bad boy because he shoplifts but I really think I can save him!! Diary I think I’m in love…. How can I make him love me too!!’


I’d like to point out that my choice in men has improved to a more law-abiding citizen and my immature, and frankly frightening, “dear diary” contents has evolved to “journaling.”

Journaling is a discipline that many entrepreneurs swear by. A lot of people would love the idea of putting their life and thoughts down on paper but can’t quite fathom where they would find the time to do it. In truth, I don’t journal everyday, but since starting it I have found that it actually only takes me ten minutes in an evening to jot down my thoughts and feelings from the day. 

My Pop (grandfather) has written his memoirs since he was 18 when he commenced his national service. Now 85, he has typed it all up so the family can read it. What a legacy!! I’m so grateful for the time he has spent documenting his life and I don’t think he will ever understand the profound effect reading it will have on his family. Hopefully, one day I can do this for my children and grandchildren, I’ve just got to make sure I live an incredible life to ensure an inspiring read! Oh… and have children!!

18 would have been an amazing time to start my journal but all of my previous year’s content will be buried in a far distant place only for a future ‘time team’ to uncover some comedy gold.


Journaling can be done in many ways. Some people use it as a document of their life in the form of memoirs, like my Pop, and others use it to document thoughts and ideas. Have you ever gone to bed and can’t get to sleep because you’ve thought of something you are worried you may forget? I know I have. Writing it down is like removing a block from your brain, you can then go to sleep with a clear head knowing it will still be there in the morning.

Journaling also gives you the opportunity to slow down and process your thoughts. It can be enlightening to see them written on paper. If you ever have a negative thought about yourself, write it down. Seeing it on paper goes a long way to helping you understand why you are feeling the way you do and how destructive these thoughts are on your self-esteem.

It is also a really great way of recognising all of the things you are grateful for in life, things that perhaps you take for granted. Reading them back can help you realise that you are, in fact, living an amazing life, focusing less on the negatives and more on the positives.

I carry my ideas journal around in my handbag. My morning checks used to be “phone, purse, keys” now its “phone, purse, keys, ideas journal”….. God forbid I forget my ideas! I do this because you never know when that inspiring thought will hit you and more often than not it will be in a place that you wouldn’t have had the option of writing it down. True, you could always use your phone, I mean… we are living in the 21st century, but I don’t find using notes on my IPhone as inspiring as handwriting it in my secret little book.

My ideas journal is what I use to write down any thought I have regarding future blogs or my candle-making business, which is also on my bucket list to achieve. You can also use your journal when you think of any future life goals, which you can then add to your bucket list when you get home (see my blog on bucket lists)


Find the above Journals HERE

I’d recommend an ideas journal to anyone! You can buy a journal from any stationery shop, but make sure its got a sturdy cover on it as the aim is for you to take it everywhere. I like mine to have an inspiring quote on it. Currently mine says “she believed she could, so she did” and that makes me smile even before I’ve begun writing.

Another shop that is amazing for buying your next Journal is Paperchase!! I absolutely adore this shop! Below are two stunning notebooks that I recently purchased from Paperchase. They come is so many different patterns and are perfect to be used as a Journal with their hardback cover and envelope style magnetic close. See below for links to buy them online. 


I have no idea whatever happened to the Kappa wearing criminal outside the Spar or how on earth I could have made him fall in love with me……. hmmm. Maybe I need to look into that for my next blog… now where can I write that down!? 

Laura xxx



Paperchase Seed Pop A6 Notebook

Believe in Yourself Notebook

Paperchase Feathers A5 Notebook

2 thoughts on “Bringing ‘Dear Diary’ into the 21st century

  1. Mary says:

    Once again you made me smile.
    It would be interesting to know how old you were or in which year Kappa came into your life.
    I would imagine sometime during those impressionable hormonal teenage years . As long as you attend all future appointments with your optometrist you should now be able to identify a Calven Klien or Armani next time around .
    However hormones may also cross your path again and could be another topic for future blogs …One I will be willing to read and contribute to .


  2. Anne says:

    Ha ha I read that as M 8s and wondered if this was a garment my old memory could not recall like reebok speedo trainers or such like..Then I realised it’s mates ha ha ha…
    loved the journal ideas . Keep it going xx


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