Groupon failure and hula hooping aspirations, bring in the bucket list

When I finished University, I was inspired to write a bucket list. At the time, I had made plans to go traveling with friends, so I was really motivated to do and see some incredible things. I ended up writing only eighteen things on said bucket list and having saved it on Microsoft word I then completely forgot about it. My traveling plans ended up falling through and my aspirations to do all these amazing things in life fell through along with it. I moved on to other priorities instead, like finding my own place to live and securing a new job. Sounds quite depressing, right?

Eight years on, a friend of mine was telling me about his list of life goals and sent me through a template to complete mine. That’s when I remembered – my long-forgotten bucket list!!

I had kept my old laptop (a big massive black brick) just in case my newer one broke, having recently gone back to University. After waiting hours for it to load up, I found the old Microsoft word document entitled “bucket list.” Let me show you what I had written…

  1. Sky Dive
  2. Snorkel in the great barrier reef
  3. Learn salsa dancing
  4. Visit Paris
  5. Learn Spanish to a good if not fluent level
  6. See the northern lights
  7. Trace my family tree
  8. Learn how to bake bread
  9. White-water rafting
  10. Learn to Ski and go Skiing
  11. Go on Safari in Africa
  12. Learn how to sew using a machine
  13. Swim in the Red Sea
  14. Buy a house
  15. Learn to hula hoop
  16. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
  17. Visit India
  18. Visit Hong Kong

Now… there are a lot of travelling ones in there, probably due to my mind set at the time and this was a work-in-progress that never got finished – but that’s the point, I never finished it! When reading it, eight years after I had originally written it, I realised I had only achieved one of the eighteen things I had intended to do! Just one!!! Even more disappointingly, it wasn’t even hula hooping!! What I had done was attempt to learn sewing thanks to a random Groupon deal that was £14 for a four-hour lesson. You know the old saying ‘if it sounds to good to be true…’ and it was. Following that lesson, I came home with an unfinished, unfitted, badly sewn dress made from itchy, cheap fabric that only went on to be utilised cleaning my windows.

Anyway, back to the original point; I had written eighteen things that, at the time, I desperately wanted to fulfil and yet eight years on… I hadn’t done a thing about it.

You often hear of people writing bucket lists following a major life-event that has put the time they have left to live at the forefront of their mind. Sometimes, this can be a life-limiting illness, health scare or maybe just something which makes them re-evaluate the life they are currently living. Don’t wait for this to happen, do it now!!

We have all listened to friends talk about places they have been to and heard ourselves say ‘I’ve always wanted to go there!’ Or we’ve promised ourselves that we will learn a new language or try that different cuisine or become the UK hula-hooping champion 2018… you get my point? Then next you know – years have passed, we haven’t acted on it, we forgot that it was even a thing until behold – it pops up again and we say ‘I’ve always wanted to go there…’ the cycle continues and life passes by.

The simple truth is that unless we write down these ideas and aspirations and purposefully place them in our diary to tick off one-by-one, then our list will never happen (or if they do it will be by chance) but we certainly won’t achieve the dreams we had once dreamed.

Achieving your life-goals gives you fulfilment and it is so exciting to see your ultimate life wish list in front of you. Even more exciting is when you do make the time to implement them into your life and set them in your diary.

So… do it! On Word, Excel or even hand-written on paper or in a Journal. Write down the things that you want to do, see and achieve in your life. This is always going to be a work-in-progress. You can constantly add/edit along the way, but even better is ticking them off. Don’t do what I did and have it in an obscure document, lost for all of time. Have it where you can see it! On your wall, on a cupboard or even your screen saver, just make sure you can see it, a constant reminder of your desires.

I have heard of people putting them on paper in a jar and realising the next one you pull out, but depending on your financial obligations, you may be a bit screwed if you pick out ‘around the world trip.’ What’s most important is that you can always see them all, allowing you to perhaps pick a cheaper one to do whilst still feeling that sense of accomplishment when fulfilling it.

Since writing out my life goals again, I have been skiing, been to Paris and I’m considering a bread-making course. There are now nearly eighty things on my list but don’t worry…. Hula hooping is still on there!!


Laura xxx

P.S. Thank you to my housemate Sandra for buying me this Hula Hoop and leaving it in my room as a surprise for when I returned home from work. One of the most thoughtful gifts I have received. 

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6 thoughts on “Groupon failure and hula hooping aspirations, bring in the bucket list

  1. Mary Kefford says:

    Laura re your list ? Maybe you can motivate yourself by letting us know each time you have completed another task. So maybe every 3 months you can add a line to your blog ….. Ive achieved another goal … list is down to 17 ” –
    Good luck – big list ! PS I’ve tried hula hooping but I just can’t rotate those hips quick enough 😕
    It’s not for me ..Instead Im revisiting Couch to 5k with the intention of regaining some level of fitness. Week 1 run 1 commenced today 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Anne says:

    Great Laura, wanted to read more. Will have to have a big think about the bucket list. Interested in the meditation so will await next blog with interest xx


  3. janekefford says:

    It was so interesting reading this having spent probably most of my life in the mind set of living through my imagined thoughts either in the past or the future. Although planning and having aspirations for new experiences is healthy how often are we dissapointed that the experience is not what we thought. The truth is there is only the present and by letting go of the mind chatter in the head we can actually experience, act and release ourselves of preconceived thoughts in living the now. Its quite enlightening and exciting to truly live in the moment. To me the present is a gift of life that provides us with spiritual growth and allows us peace of mind for true experience. Plan a bucket list without assumptions then experience the present when it arrives. Only then do you experience the real which can be life changing on many levels. Sounds easy but switching off the mind chatter takes concentration and practice. Good luck.
    Laura l love this blog and your awsome sense of humour.


  4. Carla Álvarez Kefford says:

    I LOVE this blog Laura, look forward to reading more.
    P.S. I’m off to make a bucket list 🙂 xoxo


  5. Karla Cruzado says:

    I love your blog Laura, and I’m convinced that you are worthy to be nominated for the blogger recognition award 🙂 I will inform you once the award has been set up 🙂 Thank you so much!


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